in brief: What counts as a sex crime? It depends.

What counts as a sex crime varies dramatically by time and place. So does what happens to those who cross the line. In colonial America, Puritan authorities executed a teenage boy for sex with farm animals. But despite those Puritan beginnings, America has sometimes also been remarkably lax about regulating sex. In 1880, 35 U.S. … Continue reading in brief: What counts as a sex crime? It depends.

in brief: Making sense of attraction to minors

There’s a huge disconnect between current popular attitudes and professional knowledge of psychiatrists, social scientists, and historians. Erotic attraction to people under 18 years of age is common and, along the life course, typical. That’s true even today in the West when such feelings are labeled “pedophilia” in mass media and regarded with outrage both … Continue reading in brief: Making sense of attraction to minors

What Can I Do?

If you’ve reached this website, you may already agree that our current justice system is out of control. Not that lawbreakers should be given a pass, but how do we treat those who have committed crimes so as to effectively protect society and rehabilitate offenders? How do we do this in a way that not … Continue reading What Can I Do?

Support and Resources

“Registering with Dignity: A Practical Guide to Reentry and Life on the Registry” – This PDF was published in 2017 by the New Jersey-based Sex Law and Policy Center, which appears to be currently suspended. But their pamphlet offers essential advice for those having to navigate the registry, and is helpful to friends and family … Continue reading Support and Resources


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